If you charter needs are regional and short notice we can help. Our Cessna 182Q is available to take you to any regional destination or conduct a local scenic flight. This three passenger single-engine aircraft flies at 140 knots and has a range of 800 miles. The 182 is a workhorse of the General Aviation fleet and is one of the safest single-engine aircraft in the world. It’s also affordable. Our ATP rated pilots average over 20 years of experience and exceed 7500 hours of flight time. Give us a call for a quote or fill out our trip request form.


If your needs require a Jet or Turboprop we can make arrangements for you through our vast network of affiliated operators.


Tucson Aeroservice is always looking for aircraft to add to our Charter certificate. If you have a Jet or Turboprop that you feel is under utilized give us a call and we can discuss putting it to work for you.


Charter Certificate