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The Remos G-3 flies ahead of a new class of aircraft. Experience the incomparable performance and handling characteristics of the new G-3 Light Sport Aircraft (LSA): fast and agile, yet solid and stable, thereby assuring you safety in virtually every flight situation. The highest levels of exacting German quality and craftsmanship, combined with the latest technologies and materials in aviation, guarantee uncompromising reliability and high value retention.

The incomparable flight characteristics and the stable flight attitude in virtually every situation represent a fundamental safety advantage of the REMOS G-3. The REMOS reacts to turbulence with a gentle rolling motion around the longitudinal axis. Even abrupt application of rudder in a stall phase doesn't cause tipping - there is virtually no control error the REMOS does not forgive. And there has been no recorded structural incident in any of the aircraft sold to date. The enormous structural strength and crash rigidity of the REMOS carbon fiber cabin offers additional safety benefits. Furthermore, the aircraft is already prepared for the installation of a BRS parachute rescue system.

Carbon fiber, the key material of the REMOS G-3 , is virtually aging-resistant. The toughest test for reliability and longevity is flight training operations. Even after more than 3,000 flying hours and over 20,000 landings, the structural integrity of the fuselage, the wings, empennage, rudder and landing gear is virtually the same as in a new plane.
Beside the high value retention, low operating costs are a further financial advantage. Fuel consumption can be as low as about 2.9 gph (and the G-3 can use premium auto fuel instead of aviation fuel, for further operating costs reductions)


Oil consumption typically is just 0.05 gal in 100 flying hours, and with low overall maintenance and repair expenses, the cost benefits amount to some 40% of the operating costs for a Cessna 152. And if you want to save on parking costs at the airfield - just put the plane in your garage - or on a trailer.

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